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It all began for me as a student with an advanced multivariate statistics course at the University of Tennessee. A project used to distinguish through metric data some confusing dog and wolf skulls from the North American Plains led to my first dog -related publication ever, in 1986. The four year hiatus between that and my next production was because of necessary school work, definitely including my doctoral dissertation (1990), devoted solely to the evolution of the domestic dog. As part of working that up, I traveled to several places to measure dog and/or wolf skulls including, significantly, the University of Copenhagen Zoological Museum in Denmark.
To make a longer story shorter, I spent the following summer (1990) in southeast Greenland with a Danish-led multi-disciplinary field research team. Then, immediately following that summer, I spent that academic year as a guest researcher at the same University of Copenhagen Zoological Museum. I was there for the express purpose of studying domestic dog remains from all of Greenland, as returned over the years by many Danish research expeditions dating to the early and mid-1900s. While there, I also worked up an article (1992) directly out of my doctoral dissertation. At any rate, armed with that experience I returned home and have been doing dog-related research work regularly over the ensuing years, on a variety of specific topics. Included was the production of my one and only book (2010) on dogs.
Following that was another approximately four year hiatus stemming from two unrelated factors. One was that I simply needed some downtime after the intense experience of engineering a whole book through to completion. In addition, grueling cross country residential moves, along with some personal complications, kept me thoroughly unproductive for a time. I returned to active engagement with an article in 2014. Working that up is when I came into contact with my current co-author, Rujana Jeger. We have now published two articles together, including the most recent listed, and are currently planning another.
So that is just a brief biographical introduction, and I encourage you to look at other parts of this site for more information.

Darcy Morey
February 2017, Radford, Virginia.

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